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Mesothelioma disease diagnosis & Survival rate

Mesothelioma disease diagnosis
& Survival rate

Diagnosis of a mesothelioma disease is usually bad because the late start of symptoms often delay in effective treatment. In the late stage, on average, 14.9 months remain with patients treated with the diagnosis. Patients who receive early stage live on average for 22.2 months.

A doctor of mesothelioma disease estimates
Certainly cancer will be for a specific patient.
Prognency involves life expectancy, but it also gives a patient
Know what symptoms a patient predicts to expect
Define their treatment options.

Diagnosis of lung Mesothelioma disease
By stage

Doctors describe how far the lung Mesothelioma has spread
In relation to the stages of cancer, from step 1 to stage 4. A.
High level means that cancer cells have spread
throughout the body. This makes the situation worse
Diagnosis of mesothelioma disease

Researchers have studied how long the lung mesothelioma patients calculated their average survival. This is usually measured in months.

Median is the number between a data set. Half of the patients lived longer than median, and half of the patients were younger than the median. Recent mean overall survival statistics for lung mesothelioma come from the thoracic oncology article of 2016.

Stage 1

Stage 1 pulmonary mesothelioma is usually not the cause of symptoms and diagnoses the best disease. Strong health patients are eligible for aggressive cancer treatment such as surgery.

With surgery, on average, 22.2 months survive in stage 1 patients.

Stage 2

Stage 2 patients may experience respiratory disorders because tumors grow around their lungs. It is still an early cancerous stage, and aggressive treatment plans are recommended.

With Surgery, Stage 2 patients survive on average 20 months.

Stage 3

Stage 3 occurs when most patients begin to experience chest pain, difficulty breathing, and weight loss. When a patient is diagnosed in step 3, then mesothelioma experts should evaluate them carefully. Aggressive treatment can do more harm than good.

With surgery, an average of 17.9 months is alive in patients of stage 3.

Stage 4

Stage 4 pulmonary mesothelioma is usually diagnosed with a bad disease, which causes pain in the chest, difficulty breathing, and fatigue. Patients may also have experience of fever, sweating at night and difficulty in swallowing. At this stage, doctors usually recommend palliative therapies, which control the symptoms.

With treatment, stages of stage 4 survive 14.9 months on average.

Steps You Can Improve Your Disease

When you can not control your age, cell type or cancer phase, there are other factors that can improve your diagnosis. By taking action to adapt your lifestyle and health care team, you can beat obstacles and live longer with mesothelioma.

Take care of your complete health

  • As much as you are healthy, your body can fight better than cancer. Having good health and physical health will also help you to bear the effects of treatment.
  • To promote your immune system, eat a balanced, nutritious diet rich in vegetables and fruits and reduce sugar and fat.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Talk to an oncology nutritionist who can recommend specific dietary changes that will strengthen your body.
  • Changes in other lifestyle that can improve your prognosis include when you are up and get better rest when you are down.
  • Find simple ways to exercise regularly, lightweight Enjoy things to keep your mind busy.
  • Take quality sleep - and use it a lot - to help your body recover from treatment.
  • If you are a smoker, you can improve your lung function and overall health by specifically leaving immediately.